What’s your mission? Come to Bolivia and find out! Our Volunteer Program is a chance for North Americans to explore mission together with Maryknoll, volunteering in Cochabamba full-time for 6 weeks up to 1 year. We are privileged to be witnessing historic changes as Bolivians struggle for a better future in this richly diverse country . We foster formative and transformative experiences, introducing volunteers to mission, cross –cultural engagement, and the realities of Bolivia. In our encounters with Bolivians, we are converted to a deeper understanding of justice and peace as central to living the gospel. We invite you to bring your gifts and your questions, and join us!

Our Volunteer Program is a chance for North Americans to explore mission together with Maryknoll, and to learn about the realities of life in Bolivia. We offer two kinds of opportunities for you to come to Bolivia with Maryknoll and get a taste of what mission here is all about.

We are one of several mission formation programs offered through the Maryknoll Mission Center in Latin America.


Individuals and married couples are invited.
Maryknoll will place volunteers in ministries that reflect our mission values, favoring partnership over paternalism, empowerment over dependency, and reflecting gospel values. Examples include work with schoolchildren, orphans, elderly, special education and HIV/AIDS, prisons, parish groups, etc. Placements will be determined according to availability of mission sites and talents and interests of volunteers. Maryknoll will find housing for volunteers, provide orientation upon arrival in Bolivia, accompany volunteers throughout their time here, and assign each volunteer a Maryknoll missioner as a mentor.
Upon completion of service, Maryknoll will facilitate a process of mission integration and re-entry to the U.S.
Start times are flexible, but placement options are somewhat limited in December and January. Inquire for more details.
Requirements for Volunteers:

  • Two years of college or equivalent experience
  • Under 68 years of age
  • Previous service experience
  • Flexibility and sense of humor
  • Documented good physical health
  • Speak Spanish or be willing to study Spanish before volunteering

Costs for Volunteers:
Volunteers are responsible for:
Travel to/from Bolivia, visa, and any recommended vaccines
Medical costs, including health insurance to cover them while in Bolivia
Volunteers must pay a program fee of $450/month for the time they’ll be participating in the program ($675 for 6 weeks). This money can be fundraised.
All basic in-country costs excluding healthcare (food, lodging, local transport, a cell-phone for local calls, and some basic ministry costs) will be covered by the program.
Would you like to volunteer with Maryknoll in Bolivia? Find out more!

Immersion Trips

Groups from universities, parishes, activist organizations, and others are invited.
Maryknoll will assist with the facilitation of pre-trip preparation.
Groups will be introduced to mission and to Bolivia as they meet Maryknoll missioners and Bolivians involved in a variety of ministries. Groups will engage in daily prayer and reflection on the experience.
The Maryknoll Mission Center in Latin America will organize presentation and sharing around the social, political, economic, cultural, and religious realities of Bolivia. Participants will visit diverse historical and cultural sites, projects, organizations, and communities.
Maryknoll will serve as a resource for continued involvement with mission and global concerns.
Because we want participants to focus on learning and engaging with Bolivians, rather than on “helping,” exposure trips do not involve volunteer work. There will, however, be opportunities to spend time getting to know communities where Maryknoll missioners live and work.
The focus or content of these mission trips can largely be tailored to the interests of a given group, although certain elements, such as getting to know Maryknollers and some of the Bolivian people with whom we serve in mission, will always be included.
Do you have a group that would like to visit Bolivia? Contact us for more information!

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