• Exploring mission abroad is a big decision. The first step is careful discernment. How is God calling you to live out your baptismal commitment to mission?. Think about it. Pray about it. Talk with friends, family, or mentors. Look around the website. Get a feel for the program. Also, former volunteers may be available for you to contact with questions about their experience. Does this look like the kind of opportunity you’re seeking? How have you prepared? Have you done volunteer work before? Do you have experience with people from other backgrounds and cultures? Do you speak Spanish or are you willing to learn before volunteering?


  • Great! The next step is to please fill out this form requesting an application.


    • Once you’ve filled out the form and we’ve received your information, you will hear back from us within a couple of weeks. We may have some follow-up questions for you. If you’re ready to apply, we’ll email you an application packet. You will fill out the application, and provide two letters of reference (they can email their letters directly to the Program Director). Maryknoll may contact your references.


    • Once we’ve received your written application and two letters of reference, if everything looks good, the Program Director will arrange for an interview by phone or Skype. This is a chance to discuss your application and the program. The Program Director will also ask to speak some Spanish with you, to evaluate your language ability.


  • Program director circulates the application, reference letters, and interview notes to the Collaborative Coordinating Committee, consisting of a representative each from the Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers, Sisters, and Lay Missioners in Bolivia, who will determine if there is an opportunity available.


    • Upon acceptance to the program, Candidate will provide the transportation to the site and secure visa and medical insurance. Housing arrangements will be made through Maryknoll in Bolivia.


    • Information on insurance, travel, and visas will be supplied by Maryknoll Bolivia.


    • The Candidate will receive the necessary inoculations prior to departure.


    • The Candidate will send the program fee to Maryknoll headquarters in New York prior to departure. More information will be supplied regarding fundraising and how to pay the fee.


    • Candidate will sign Risk Awareness and Travel Agreement forms and Code of Conduct forms. If the Candidate chooses not to sign the forms, the Candidate is not eligible to participate.


    • Candidate will sign a release so that a background check may be conducted. If the results of the report indicate a criminal problem which would interfere with the work the Candidate would do at the mission site, Maryknoll will inform the Candidate as to the results and the Candidate is not eligible to participate. A drug screening will also be performed. If the results are positive for illicit drug use, the Candidate is not eligible to participate.


  • The Candidate will receive an orientation in Cochabamba.
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