You can read about the Maryknoll mission movement here. Below, learn more, and explore what else Maryknoll has to offer.

 Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers’ short-term programs.

 The Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers’ Mission Education website offers various opportunities to learn more about mission and Maryknoll.

 Maryknoll Lay Missioners’ Friends Across Borders program.

There are also several great books and films about Maryknollers. Here are just a few:

 Penny Lernoux’s Hearts On Fire is an excellent history of the Maryknoll Sisters.

 The Same Fate as the Poor by Maryknoll Sister Judith Noone is the inspiring account of the lives of three Maryknoll Sisters who made the «option for the poor» and paid the ultimate price.

 The 15-part video series, The Field Afar, explores the richness, vibrancy and spirit alive in the world today as experienced by Maryknoll missioners: priests, brothers, sisters, and lay people.

 Renowned spiritual writer Henri Nouwen tells of his time studying Spanish with Maryknoll in Cochabamba, and living and working alongside Maryknoll missioners in Lima, Peru, in ¡Gracias! A Latin American Journal.

 A Worldwide Heart: The Life of Maryknoll Father John J. Considine, by (former Aymara language student at the Maryknoll Mission Center) Robert Hurteau, tells the story of one of the leading figures in mission in the 20th century. As the first director of the bishops Latin American Bureau he played a key role in promoting U.S. mission to Latin America in the 1960s, and was ahead of his time in espousing a post-colonial view of mission.

 Roses in December is a documentary about lay missioner Jean Donovan and three other US churchwomen – including two Maryknoll Sisters – who were martyred in El Salvador in 1980.

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