The Language Program at CMMAL uses the Communicative Approach. Following are some characteristics of this methodology:

  • The exercises and activities in the classroom are focused on natural communication and on interaction with other people. This is accomplished by way of teaching students specific functions. Functions are what we use language for in order to communicate; for example, to greet people, to order a meal in a restaurant, to complain, to debate, etc.
  • Grammar is an important part in the process of learning a language. However, with the Communicative Approach it serves communication rather than serving as the primary goal of the class.
  • Students are provided with exercises and activities based on life situations in order that language learning is related to their daily experiences.
  • The role of the instructor is one of facilitating the interaction between and among the students, and other people outside the classroom. This allows the students to be proactive and responsible for their own learning.
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